Pan alta cucina Pan

PAN has been a leader company in the field of dried porcini mushrooms since 1974.
We firmly believe in giving great attention to the quality of raw materials, to food security and to taste. These are our inspiring principles.

The "extra" quality

Over the years we've learnt to treasure our experience with porcini mushrooms and we've used it to prepare new handmade mixes that differ from all those currently on the market. Indeed, we use only the quality of dried porcini mushrooms defined as best by the Ministerial Decree dated 9/10/ 1998: the extra quality.

Pan Funghi

Our specialties

Risotto alla Piemontese

Piedmontese Risotto

Our exclusive Piedmontese Risotto recipe is prepared using:
Carnaroli rice, toasted Piedmontese IGP hazelnut and dried extra porcini mushrooms.
No preservatives or monosodium glutamate.

Fast cooking can also be Cordon Bleu Cuisine

Currently the entire production takes place in the new Druento - TO plant (1,400 m2) where the most modern technology supervises hand-crafted making.